Bin Veolia on Clean Up Australia Day

It’s Clean Up Australia Day this Sunday, 3rd March 2013.  From “a simple idea from an average Australian bloke” in 1989, Clean Up Australia Day has become almost a national institution, as people get out and about to clean up their local communities. Over 16,000 tonnes of rubbish was collected around the country on the 2012 Clean Up Australia Day! It’s a huge effort from many Australians committed to preserving their local environment.

Unfortunately, this makes our Clean Up Australia Day a prime target for companies seeking to “greenwash” their image.  One such company looking to spruce up its “corporate social responsibility” report is Veolia Environnement, listed as a major “Donating Partner” sponsor of Clean Up Australia Day.

The BIN VEOLIA CAMPAIGN AUSTRALIA has written to Clean Up Australia to request they reconsider their partnership with Veolia Environnement, particularly in light of Veolia’s active complicity in human rights abuses and possible war crimes committed by the State of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, has recommended to the United Nations General Assembly and to international civil society that:

…In short, businesses should not breach international humanitarian law provisions. Nor should they be complicit in any breaches. If they do, they may be subject to criminal or civil liability… My main recommendation is that… businesses that are profiting from the Israeli settlement enterprise – should be boycotted, until they bring their operations into line with international human rights and humanitarian law and standards. (Media Release, 25 October 2012).

Veolia’s Israel-based company, Veolia Environnement Israel, is actively involved in Israeli construction on Occupied Palestinian lands, business services to the illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and the exploitation of Occupied Palestinian resources. The Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories since 1967 is in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and innumerable UN Resolutions.

For these reasons, the Bin Veolia Campaign Australia strongly urges Clean Up Australia to ensure that your good corporate citizenship principles and reputation are not compromised by rewarding Veolia’s complicity in human rights abuses by Israel.

Reclaim our Clean Up Australia Day from these gross abuses of human rights – click here to download your own letter to send to Clean Up Australia Day to urge they reconsider their partnership with Veolia Environnement >>>

Download this FACTSHEET to send with your letter >>>

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