St. Louis Victory – Veolia withdraws from contract bidding after 11 month campaign by St. Louis Dump Veolia

Multinational Withdraws from Contract Bidding Following 11 Months of City-Wide Opposition

(October 29, 2013; St. Louis, Missouri, USA) The mayor’s office has announced that Veolia Water North America has withdrawn itself from consideration for a contract to consult with the St. Louis Water Division, following almost a year of public protest of the corporation over its egregious track record of contract failures, poor performance, environmental destruction, labor abuses, complicity in Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, and privatization of public resources. Veolia reportedly decided St. Louis “is not worth it. It is not worth the damage to [Veolia’s] business.”

Activists gather in the Council building demanding that St. Louis Dump Veolia.

St. Louis proudly joins cities across the globe that have stood up to Veolia and similar transnational corporations in an effort to protect public resources, open government, and people’s rights.

For more than three years, Veolia attempted to secure a contract with St. Louis, defying the will of the local community through aggressive lobbying, bullying, political interference, back-door deals, and outright contempt for democratic involvement. When public opposition denied Veolia the necessary votes to pass the contract through normal channels, the mayor attempted to circumvent the democratic checks and balances by claiming the contract did not need approval through traditional means and threatened to sue the city comptroller if she did not sign it.!victory-st-louis-dumps-veolia/c75d

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