Veolia in Australia

Veolia Environnement provides waste management, water, energy and transportation services throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Veolia in Australia  |

Veolia Environmental Services  VES_combined_logo

Veolia Environmental Services operates at over 100 locations across Australia, with more than 60,000 customers, providing waste management, recycling and industrial services.

Veolia Water

VeoliaWater-logoAcross Australia and New Zealand, Veolia Water has 22 long term operations contracts, involving more than 36 water and wastewater treatment plants either under operation or under construction for future operation.

Veolia Energy

VEnergy_combined_logoVeolia Energy provides heating, ventilating and air conditioning units to over 5000 retail, commercial and industrial centres in Australia, via a subsidiary company, Dalkia.

Veolia Transport  

VTrans_combined_logoVeolia Transport Australasia provides train, bus, light rail, ferry and monorail operations in Sydney, Perth, Western Australia, Brisbane and Auckland.

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